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Gone, by Michael Grant

By Michael Grant
Without warning, all grown ups and over 15’s in Perdido Beach are gone. Just GONE. Now Sam Temple and the kids of Perdido Beach must adapt to this new grown up free world. But something even more strange is happening. Sam and some other kids are discovering powers developing powers. But as they are beginning to understand, they are unaware of the invisible danger lying in wait.
In Perdido Beach, Sam Temple and his classmates are being taught by their teacher, Mr Trentlake, when without warning, he is gone. Everyone over fifteen is gone. But what happens next is crazier then the disappearance of the grown ups.
Some of the kids are discovering paranormal powers. Everyone must adapt to this new world while trying to survive an invisible danger.

I have to say when Sam and some other kids develop powers is one of my favourite parts of the book. Like Sam’s lasers, Little Pete’s teleportation and his Force grappling, as my stepmum Savvy calls it.
You know when you like a book even though what is happening isn’t good? I just like it all.

One of my favourite characters is Little Pete because he is autistic, like me. Astrid is another of my favorites. Even though he didn’t have powers, her intelligence made up for it.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes sci-fi and suspense.

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