Ferals: The White Widow’s Revenge, By Jacob Grey

Ferals: The White Widow’s Revenge
By Jacob Grey



After Caw, the crow feral defeated The Spinning Man and stopped The Mother of Flies, Ferals and normal people were both allowed peace in the city of Blackstone. But a new spider feral is leading the bad Ferals under the shadows of Blackstone. The White Widow. This time Caw and friends might unknowingly walk into the White Widow’s trap, but not before Caw loses everything precious to him.Read More »

Ferals: The Crow Talker By Jacob Grey

Ferals: The Crow Talker
By Jacob Grey

Caw was a young orphan, in a lonely city, Blackstone, with a special gift. Ever since his parent had abandoned him eight years ago, he could understand the crows that’s saved him. Ever since that fateful night, he has avoided contact with any humans. But when prisoners escaped from Blackstone Jail, he soon finds out they are Ferals too, but they have a dark propose, to bring back the evil spider Feral, The Spinning Man to power. Now young Caw and his loyal crow companions and new good Feral friends must work together to stop the evil, or Blackstone will be doomed.Read More »

Ferals: The Swarm Descends. By Jacob Grey.

Amira-Jolie Ryan
Age 14
Ferals: The Swarm Descends.
By Jacob Grey.
After eight years in the Dark Summers shadow, the city of Blackstone is finally free from the evil of The Spinning Man that has scarred it for many years because of Caw the crow talker and his friends. But a new evil is stirring in Blackstone, ready to stain the walls of the city again. This new evil is born by the Mother of Flies, about to break the walls of the relaxing city into unrepairable chaos. Unless Caw, his crows and his friends can form together to destroy the Mother of Flies horrible plans, Blackstone and everyone there will be doomed to the terrible Mother of Flies, never to see the light again.Read More »

Ferals: The Dark Talker. By Jacob Grey.

By: Aj
Age: 14
Date: 11/1/17
Book review:
Ferals: The Dark Talker.
It has been eight years since the Dark Summer war. Caw was just five years old when his parents threw him out of his window , to be rescued by crows. To be raised by those same crows from now on. Though the city of BlackStone already seems damaged beyond repair, a great evil is contaminating the city once again ,spread by three escaped Feral prisoners , Jawbone (the dog Feral) , Scuttle (the cockroach Feral) and Mamba (the snake Feral). Caw and his loyal crows, allies and friends must crush the spreading evil and defeat The Spinning Man once and for all or all will be lost…..
Caw is the crow talker, his real name is Jack Carmichae. He is 13 today.  It was Dark Summer when Caw was thrown out, when a lot of evil Ferals were trying to take over the city of Blackstone. Since then Caw is raised by the the crows who rescued him. He becomes friends with red-haired Lydia, three prisoners escape. Most unlucky, they are Ferals too.
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