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Brisingr. By Christopher Paolini

Brisingr. By Christopher Paolini Eragon and Saphira, who are still recovering from the battle on the Burning Plains, have to return to Dras Leona to rescue Roran’s love, Katrina from the clutches of the king. But they must return to Ellesmera to continue their training to rid Alagaesia of the evil Rider King Galbatorix before… Continue reading Brisingr. By Christopher Paolini

Author · Christopher Paolini · Eragon · Neurodivergent supergirl

Eragon, by Christopher Paolini

Eragon By Christopher Paolini. When hunting, Eragon (who is a normal farm boy from Carvahall) discovers a mysterious blue stone, which soon hatches... A DRAGON! Eragon’s simple farming life takes an unexpected turn, making him a Dragon Rider, a legendary peacekeeper against the perils and evils in Alagaësia. **Spoiler alert** One of my favorite scenes… Continue reading Eragon, by Christopher Paolini