Hunger (from the Gone Series) By Michael Grant

Hunger (from the Gone Series)
By Michael Grant

Very limited supplies. Many starving children and teens. Sam Temple and the FAYZ government are struggling to keep violence at bay. Sam’s evil brother, Caine in driven into town in attempt to take control with his sidekick Drake, AKA Whip Hand. In Perdido Beach, Sam and his friends struggle to stretch the limited food over a hundred starving children and teenagers. But deep underground the most terrible danger ‘The Darkness’ too, is hungry…

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Gone, by Michael Grant

By Michael Grant
Without warning, all grown ups and over 15’s in Perdido Beach are gone. Just GONE. Now Sam Temple and the kids of Perdido Beach must adapt to this new grown up free world. But something even more strange is happening. Sam and some other kids are discovering powers developing powers. But as they are beginning to understand, they are unaware of the invisible danger lying in wait. Read More »

Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa. By Jenny Nimmo

Date: 7/9/17
Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa.
By Jenny Nimmo


Dangerous events are starting to bloom around Charlie Bone. While Benjamin Brown and his parents are in Hong Kong, there is a constant fear of Grandma Bone finding Runner Bean. A strange girl called Belle may also be one of these dangers. Along with Uncle Paton gone. There are new dangers and perils blooming around the city. A danger for poor Runner Bean, who must stay in the same house as Grandma Bone without being found out. A mysterious girl with colour-changing eyes, and a secret about an invisible boy in the attics of the Bloor’s Academy. Charlie Bone is in the most danger, along with Uncle Paton gone…
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Book Review: Star Wars: Phasma By Delilah S. Dawson


Star Wars: Phasma
By Delilah S. Dawson
When a Resistance spy named Vi Moradi is captured by the First Order, a red stormtrooper captain secretly forces her to tell him the story of the mysterious Captain Phasma. Captain Cardinal wishes to grasp whatever information he can about Phasma’s closely guarded past.
All the people who have watched The Force Awakens only know that Phasma is the first female stormtrooper, until a mysterious storm trooper captain in red armor secretly integrates a Resistance spy behind The First Order’s back. He will stop at nothing to prize whatever stories and secrets from Phasma’s past he can
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Disney’s “Descendants” Movie Review

Age: 13

Date: 29th January 2016


Disney’s “Descendants” Movie Review

(C) Disney


20 years ago, Belle from Beauty and the Beast married Beast and he united all the fairytale kingdoms and he and Belle became King and Queen of the United States of Auradon.Then he put all the villains in in an island prison named the land ‘the Isle of the Lost’ they were sent there for their so called crimes. Years later Beast and Belle’s son, Ben was going to be crowned king. He announced to his parents that the children of the villains should be given a chance to live a normal life in Auradon. Belle agrees, but it took them some time to convince Beast. Meanwhile in the Isle of the lost, Mal daughter of Maleficent, is spray painting walls, Evie (daughter of the evil queen) is strutting on tables and Jay (son of Jafar) and Carlos (son of Cruella Di Vil) are causing havoc with every step they take. Right after Mal steals a lollipop from a baby her mother arrives and tells them about Ben’s announcement, and also about her evil plan to have them use their trip to Auradon to steal the Fairygodmother’s magic wand to free the villains from the Isle so they can have their revenge on their enemies. We follow the villain children to Auradon, and the mischief they create in their wake.

Who is your favourite Character, any why?

Mal is my favourite character full stop. I also adore Brenna D’Amico who plays Jane.

Dove Cameron as Mal (C) Disney

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