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Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon by Robert Rigby

Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon
by Robert Rigby



Maddy Smith is a young girl with a big secret. The Smith family are Wolfbloods, as is Maddy. The Smiths turn into wolves on the full moon. One day, Maddy will too. Although Maddy is viciously proud of her heritage and her powers, she tries hard to have a normal life with her family and friends, but its not easy. Maddy’s best friend, Shannon, is determined to get evidence that the Beast of the Moors exists. When a stranger enters Maddy’s life, she soon realises he is like her. Now Maddy must try harder than ever too lead a normal life, or the Wolfblood secret could be in danger. Continue reading “Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon by Robert Rigby”