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Wings of Fire, The Dragonet Prophecy by Tui T. Sutherland.

Clay and his four best friends have lived under a mountain their whole lives, hand-picked to fulfil the Dragonet Prophecy. But when they find out that one of their own is in danger from their own guardians, they must take action before its too late. However, Pyrrhia is dangerous place even more so because of the three Sandwing Queens, who would see Clay and his friends as nothing more than valuable pawns in their war. Will Clay and his friend have their freedom and end the war or will their lives be extinguished on their first day of freedom from the mountains

I have loved dragons for a long time, and the first time I read this, it was a breath of fresh air. Wings of fire has fantasy, humour, friendship, and heart accelerating danger was fun to read, and the characters are really likeable, especially Sunny the Sandwing. She is sweet, kind, smart, completely trusting and has a pure heart. Someone whom you would strive to be or protect.

I think it would be AMAZING if Wings of Fire became a series on Netflix. It would have readers of the books and people who love dragons on the edge of their seats, hopefully. That is what I would want to be like anyway, awesome and captivating, I hope this is to the person reading what I have written.

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