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I haven’t written a blog post or book review in quite a while.
Me and my Mum have been dealing with a personal trauma, but we are both doing AMAZING now.
Mum has written and published her first book, The Wildrwood Chronicles, Daughter of None; she’s writing the second now.
I have been gaming. I have a Playstation 4 that I love, I have been playing Assassins Creed, Origins, Odyssey and now Valhalla. I cannot explain how beautiful Valhalla is. Breath taking. I love how immersive it is. I can not recommend it enough!!!

Aspie-Gamer Girl

I have also been inspired by my mum to do some painting!

This is my update, I’m mostly playing Valhalla, or obsessing over my
Disney + subscription and THE CHILD! I am obsessed with The Mandalorian
Cara Dune is such an amazing character. I love seeing such a strong female character to look up to! A Cara Dune spin off would be AMAZING!
Gina Carano seems so nice, I follow her on Instagram.
One of the Star Wars projects would be a dream for me. Hopefully my Zoom LAMDA lessons will help me in that direction.
After discussions with mum and my tutor we came to the decision that Television and Film would be the best environment for me as an Autistic Actress.

Star Wars Images found: here

Anyway; thanks for reading.
I hope everyone is keeping safe during this strange and uncertain time.

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