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Ferals: The Crow Talker By Jacob Grey

Ferals: The Crow Talker
By Jacob Grey

Caw was a young orphan, in a lonely city, Blackstone, with a special gift. Ever since his parent had abandoned him eight years ago, he could understand the crows that’s saved him. Ever since that fateful night, he has avoided contact with any humans. But when prisoners escaped from Blackstone Jail, he soon finds out they are Ferals too, but they have a dark propose, to bring back the evil spider Feral, The Spinning Man to power. Now young Caw and his loyal crow companions and new good Feral friends must work together to stop the evil, or Blackstone will be doomed.

My favourite character is Velma Strictham, the fox feral and mother of Lydia. I like her partly because my mums favourite animals are foxes and Velma is a good leader, she killed the Spinning Man in vengeance for Caw’s parents and is a wonderful mum to Lydia.

I think Ferals: The Crow Talker was amazing, and I recommend it to anyone that likes thrill, mystery and fantasy.

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