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Idi and the Oracle’s Quest By: TN Traynor

Idi and the Oracle’s Quest
By: TN Traynor

In his small village, Idi never thought he would amount to anything more than the village idiot. But when an old wizard named Marcus offers Idi a chance to become a magician, who is he to refuse? When word of a prophesy of a king producer bearing a peace-bringing king reaches the ears of the monsters, demons and dark wizard and witches what will Idi do?

My favourite character is Idi’s adopted daughter, Katrina. She is my favourite because she is compassionate, funny and kind. Also because she is like me. She loves her family and hates wearing dresses, skirts and other girl clothes. She loves wearing trousers.

I love the humorous parts of the book. I love the fact that there is a young girl who hates dresses. I liked the fairies. But my favourite part is when Idi saved Katrina as a baby and healing her was his first magic and that he kept her as his daughter.

The reason I enjoyed reading this book is because if the amazing blend of fantasy and humour.

I recommend Idi and the Oracle’s Quest to anyone that loves humour and fantasy.


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