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The Singularity Wheel by Micheal S. Fedison


The Singularity Wheel

Micheal S. Fedison

Firstly I want to thank Micheal for sending The Singularity Wheel for me to read, I’ve really enjoyed reading it!

It’s been five years since Monica Tisdale entered Mitchell Brant, Joe Marma and Ryan Swinning’s dreams. Five years since the boys rescued her from her kidnapper. But this time Monica has not been kidnapped. As she has grown, so have her powers. She is so overwhelmed by her endless selfs that she doesn’t have control over herself. She and the boys are in a new danger now.

My favourite character is still Monica Tisdale. She is only thirteen, but she is a very powerful young lady, maybe too powerful for her own good. She is sarcastic and cheeky and has a brilliant sense of humour. She is also smart and kind, in her moments.

My favourite part is when Ryan plays his card trick to help Monica with her problem and pain. When she is relieved of this pain ,I am happy that she has this weight taken off her shoulders, but am a bit sad for her that she eventually uses her mind reading power.

I enjoyed the Singularity Wheel. It was a fascinating read. It reminds you that there’s more to life than just what you see before you.

I’m recommend it to the people who know that there is more to life, than just what others say; and anyone who like science fiction, and fantasy books.

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