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The Extinction Trials, by S. M. Wilson

The Extinction Trials
S. M. Wilson

The Extinction Trials
The Extinction Trials, by S. M. Wilson

Firstly I loved reading this book, I enjoyed how S. M. Wilson brought me into the world she created, I didn’t want to put it down. So thank you S. M. Wilson for creating this amazing book!!

In the small, grey, overpopulated world of Earthasia, everyone is willing to give their arms and legs for food and space for them, and their starving families. When the government offer food, space and healthcare for people and their families in exchange for a quest to Piloria to steal dinosaur eggs to exterminate the carnivores, everyone is more than willing to go on this dangerous quest. But by the time they realised what they have done, it will be too late.

My favourite character is Stormchaser Knux because even though she has only one person dear to her, she is willing to save all the herbivore and sea dinosaurs that are not a threat, even through she went on the quest for the food. She also has a good sense of what is what or wrong. She also befriends a plesiosaur, whom she named Milo. My favourite parts are when, in the beginning, you read about Storm and her plesiosaur friend, Milo, swimming together in his loch, another is when she teams up with Lincon and his group, instead of Galen, who killed a fellow member during one of the test trials, as well as: when Storm claimed the eggs and wanted the reward of food, space and health, not just for herself, but for Leif, Lincon and his sister Arta, whom had a terrible disease. Storm claimed them as her family.

I really enjoyed the book. I look forward to the next one and encourage anyone who likes The Hunger Games and Jurassic Park to read it.










Stormchaser Knux, and Milo the Plesiosaur. (By Amira-Jolie Ryan)




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