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Matilda By: Roald Dahl


By: Roald Dahl


Matilda father, Mr Wormwood, is a nasty, sneaky git. Her mother is incredibly stupidly dumb, but young Matilda is a very intelligent young lady. And she has a magical gift that helps her keep the bullies at bay.

Even though Matilda is very young, she is very knowledgeable, and smart for her age, and while her own family don’t appreciate her being a bookworm, she stays herself and does not have her eyes glued to a tv unlike her family.


One of my favourite parts is when Matilda uses her eye power to scare away Miss Trunchbull, her horrible headmistress. Another is when Trunchbull drinks from a glass with a salamander.

Matilda and Miss Honey are my favourite characters, because while Matilda’s family are square eyed and stupid, she is an amazing and smart bookworm. And Miss Honey encourages her to be who she is and not who her mother and father want her to be.

It’s a very good book indeed. It encourages young children to read more than watch tv, which a valuable lesson.

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