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The Maze Runner By James Dashner

age: 14
The Maze Runner
By James Dashner
When Thomas awakes, he finds himself in a dark lift and the only thing he remembers is his first name. when light comes in, he is met by a bunch of boys who live in the centre of an enormous maze, full of hideous monsters called Grievers. The centre of the Maze is called the Glade. There seems to be no way out of the Maze. But when a girl comes through the lift, they have got to find a way out or die. The story follows a boy called Thomas. He wakes up in a strange place called the Glade, where a bunch of teenage boys like him are living without men, girls or woman.
Well, since the boys are in an enormous maze, guarded by monsters it’s not much fun. But if you find light in the situation it might make good memories. Okay, it’s great that Thomas becomes friends with Chuck. How Chuck gets them meals from the cook Frypan, and how Chuck helps Thomas a lot. One of my favourite parts is when Thomas goes into the Maze for the first time. That’s when Minho gives up trying Thomas pulls Alby up the wall, back into the Glade, when Minho didn’t. Oh, finally when Tereasa arrives (a girl!)
I say without hesitation that my favourite characters are Chuck and Teresa. Teresa is my second favourite character because even when she finds out that before their memories were taken, that herself and Thomas worked for the Creators, she helped Thomas and the others figure out the Maze and she and Thomas have a telepathic connection. Chuck is my favourite character for many reasons.: his innocent all the way though. :2 he helped Thomas adjust when no one else would, he helps everyone even though he was so scarred. 4: he saved Thomas’s life when Gally threw a knife at Thomas and took the knife for him. 5: he was Thomas’s only friend.

I would recommend The Maze Runner to any of my adventure loving friends because they’ll like it and (a little warning) your hearts will stop.

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