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The 100: Homecoming, by Kass Morgan

NAME: Amira-Jolie                                                        DATE: Sept. 3, 2015

The 100: Homecoming

By Kass Morgan

This book is about the 100 criminal children who were sent to Earth to see if it was viable 100 years after nuclear war decimated the planet.
Just when the 100 are getting used to Earth being home, The Ark, the massive ship in orbit around Earth, is losing oxygen and the dropships are crashing into the ground. Some people will die, but some will finally make it to their new home. The crash on Earth brings all their old friends including Glass and Lukethe people on the Ark are forced to make their way down.

I really love how Clarke finds the radio room and hears her mother’s and father’s voices. I also love how her parents find her and stay together. I love the good parts, but I don’t like the sad parts. Thank you Kass for sharing your stories and imagination! My favourite character is still Clarke. I love how she found her mum and dad in the end. I’m happy for her!

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