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Ferals: The Swarm Descends. By Jacob Grey.

Amira-Jolie Ryan
Age 14
Ferals: The Swarm Descends.
By Jacob Grey.
After eight years in the Dark Summers shadow, the city of Blackstone is finally free from the evil of The Spinning Man that has scarred it for many years because of Caw the crow talker and his friends. But a new evil is stirring in Blackstone, ready to stain the walls of the city again. This new evil is born by the Mother of Flies, about to break the walls of the relaxing city into unrepairable chaos. Unless Caw, his crows and his friends can form together to destroy the Mother of Flies horrible plans, Blackstone and everyone there will be doomed to the terrible Mother of Flies, never to see the light again.
Because of Caw’s defeat of the Spinning Man, the city of Blackstone is beginning to heal itself. The people are doing normal things. Caw is settled in his new home with fellow Ferals Crumb and Pip. When Caw goes to his old home, he meets a girl named Selina and a strange old man who knows Caw’s real name and knows Caw is the crow talker. He then gives Caw a mysterious stone, from Caw’s mother.
I don’t know where to start about my favourite parts of the book. I liked the part where Caw met up with Selina to help her get food for herself. But the book is made of mostly sad and angry parts. I like Glum’s moments of sarcasm with Screech and Shimmer. I like the book. the good parts, not the bad parts.
My favourite character is still Velma Strickham. But I like Caw’s new crow, Shimmer. Shimmer is a girl crow. Screech really fancies her. And Glum (the oldest crow) has some snarky and sarcastic comments to say to Screech and Shimmer. Shimmer helped Caw find his old home, and is very loyal to him.
I recommend this book to my singing teacher, Claire Hosterman and my friend, Kara Ann, because I think they would enjoy it too.

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