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Ferals: The Dark Talker. By Jacob Grey.

By: Aj
Age: 14
Date: 11/1/17
Book review:
Ferals: The Dark Talker.
It has been eight years since the Dark Summer war. Caw was just five years old when his parents threw him out of his window , to be rescued by crows. To be raised by those same crows from now on. Though the city of BlackStone already seems damaged beyond repair, a great evil is contaminating the city once again ,spread by three escaped Feral prisoners , Jawbone (the dog Feral) , Scuttle (the cockroach Feral) and Mamba (the snake Feral). Caw and his loyal crows, allies and friends must crush the spreading evil and defeat The Spinning Man once and for all or all will be lost…..
Caw is the crow talker, his real name is Jack Carmichae. He is 13 today.  It was Dark Summer when Caw was thrown out, when a lot of evil Ferals were trying to take over the city of Blackstone. Since then Caw is raised by the the crows who rescued him. He becomes friends with red-haired Lydia, three prisoners escape. Most unlucky, they are Ferals too.

One of my favorite parts of the book is when Caw makes a friend, Lydia. I think its really cool when Caw calls a lot of crows to help him and Lydia escape the police. I also like the the part when Caw goes to the library with Lydia. And that Lydia invites him over her house to have tea with her and her parents . the part when Crumb (he is a pigeon Feral) says that Caw can live with him and Pip (the mouse Feral). I like when Caw turned himself into a crow. And finally, when Caw defeated The Spinning Man.
I like everyone, (except the bad guys) I like Caw, Lydia, Miss Wallace, Crumb and Pip; but my favorite character is Velma Strickham. (Lydia’s mum) Velma just wants Lydia to have a normal life, with her and Mr Strickham (Lydia’s farther). Velma is the fox Feral (my own Mummy and I both love foxes) the killer of The Spinning Man, a great mum to Lydia and she was ready to save Lydia and help Caw defeat the Spinning Man again when not many others weren’t.

Yes, I would recommend this book . And I would recommend it to my Mummy, and of course anyone who loves animals; because I really like it, its really cool, and adventurous. This next message is for my Mummy .
I LOVE YOU MUMMY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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