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Book Review: Star Wars: Phasma By Delilah S. Dawson


Star Wars: Phasma
By Delilah S. Dawson
When a Resistance spy named Vi Moradi is captured by the First Order, a red stormtrooper captain secretly forces her to tell him the story of the mysterious Captain Phasma. Captain Cardinal wishes to grasp whatever information he can about Phasma’s closely guarded past.
All the people who have watched The Force Awakens only know that Phasma is the first female stormtrooper, until a mysterious storm trooper captain in red armor secretly integrates a Resistance spy behind The First Order’s back. He will stop at nothing to prize whatever stories and secrets from Phasma’s past he can
What are your favorite parts of the book?
I like the beginning, where the Resistance spy, Vi Moradi is flying a Starhopper while knitting a wooly sweater for her older brother, Baako. I also like the ending, where after Phasma stabs Cardinal with the old, poisoned stone knife from her past, Vi Moradi comes to his rescue dressed in stolen stormtrooper armor, and drags the wounded Captain onto her Starhopper, to seek medical help.
The characters I like and choose as my favourites are Siv and Vi Moradi. I like Siv because all throughout the trip to Brendol Hux’s ship, she remains the same person she was before. While Phasma changed everything about her from developing a clipped First Order accent to changing her old, feathered leather mask in favor for a chrome polished stormtrooper helmet. Plus, through the whole trip, Siv is being put through with pregnancy, so I must say, Siv is a very tough working mother. I like Vi Moradi for some of the same reasons. I like Vi because she is brave and tough. While being shocked with torture devices by a red stormtrooper Captain named Cardinal she is telling him the stories of Phasma.
I think this book is really good. I recommend Star Wars Phasma to any big Star Wars geeks out there itching to know Captain Phasma’s story.

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