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Disney’s “Descendants” Movie Review

Age: 13

Date: 29th January 2016


Disney’s “Descendants” Movie Review

(C) Disney


20 years ago, Belle from Beauty and the Beast married Beast and he united all the fairytale kingdoms and he and Belle became King and Queen of the United States of Auradon.Then he put all the villains in in an island prison named the land ‘the Isle of the Lost’ they were sent there for their so called crimes. Years later Beast and Belle’s son, Ben was going to be crowned king. He announced to his parents that the children of the villains should be given a chance to live a normal life in Auradon. Belle agrees, but it took them some time to convince Beast. Meanwhile in the Isle of the lost, Mal daughter of Maleficent, is spray painting walls, Evie (daughter of the evil queen) is strutting on tables and Jay (son of Jafar) and Carlos (son of Cruella Di Vil) are causing havoc with every step they take. Right after Mal steals a lollipop from a baby her mother arrives and tells them about Ben’s announcement, and also about her evil plan to have them use their trip to Auradon to steal the Fairygodmother’s magic wand to free the villains from the Isle so they can have their revenge on their enemies. We follow the villain children to Auradon, and the mischief they create in their wake.

Who is your favourite Character, any why?

Mal is my favourite character full stop. I also adore Brenna D’Amico who plays Jane.

Dove Cameron as Mal (C) Disney

What is your favourite part of the movie?

I love almost every part in it. But the parts that include the villain children are my favourites. But if I had only one favourite part, I would easily say the end when Maleficent and Mal have a mother daughter battle. Mal uses a spell to turn Maleficent into a small lizard.


What is your favourite song in the movie?

My favourite songs are “Rotten to the Core” and “Evil like me”. But if I could only have one favourite, I would say “Evil like Me” because I get to sing it in the car with my own mother.

The Cast performing Rotten To The Core. (C) Disney.


Who wrote the book “The Isle of the Lost” that the movie is based on?

Melissa De La Cruz

How is the book different to the movie?

It’s different because it explains how Mal and Evie became best friends, how Maleficent regained Her wand/Dragon’s Eye, how the Villain kids became friends and stuff like that.

Who wrote the script for the movie?

Josann Mcgibbon and Sara Parriott.

Who directed the movie?

Kenny Ortega.

Who produced the movie?

Tracy Jeffery.

Who stars in the movie?

Mal: Dove Cameron.

Evie: Sofia Carson.

Carlos: Cameron Boyce.

Jay: Booboo Stewart.

Jane: Brenna D’Amico.

Ben: Mitchell Hope.

Maleficent: Kristin Chenoweth .

The Evil Queen: Kathy Najimy.

Jafar: Maz Jobrani.

Cruella DeVil: Wendy Raquel Robinson.

The Fairy God Mother: Melanie Paxon.

Belle (Beauty): Keegan Conner Tracy.

The Beast: Dan Payne.


How many out of ten would you rate this movie, and why?

I think Disney Descendants is the best Disney movie yet. Besides Frozen, because it’s about the fairy-tale’s people’s children. I give it ten out of ten.

Would you recommend your friends to watch this Movie, and it f so; why?

I would have my friends watch this movie. To experience the awesomeness and excitement I have.

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