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V (2010) Red Rain

I am Amira, I am 8 years old and I love V.

Mummy told me that Gregg (Hurwitz) wrote this V, and he did brilliant.
I loved Red Rain it was super good!

Anna was so evil killing that V with her tail, but it was a very pretty tail!
Anna is the biggest jerk in the world, but I LOVE her, she is SO evil but she is so good at that.

Anna EVIL Queenie Visitor
Anna EVIL Queenie Visitor

Morena (Baccarin) is very good at being Anna, but I think she is way nicer.


YUCK Tyler is kissing a Lizard. I am not liking kissing, it is disgusting any way, but kissing a lizard is way worse.

I love Erica she is a very nice lady, and a good Mum, but not as good as mine! I loved when Erica killed Anna’s evil eggs (in Red Sky) and Anna screamed so big. I haven’t ever screamed that big!

Erica and Tyler

I am so glad Diana is back, I know she isn’t the same Diana, but she will be awesome! I LOVE Jane so much she is very nice and sent me her autograph.


I love Laura so much, Lisa is my bestest in V.  I love that she is a goodie! I don’t want Anna to find out that she is good, I would cry worse then I did when Georgie was died if that happened.  I still miss Georgie, I wanted him undead, no zombified though, just not dead.

Thank you for reading what I liked about V 🙂

By Munchy

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